Valencia creates a contest for students and young workers to create an opportunity to show all what could be created by our citizens ideas.
The museum is the people's museum. Everyone is able to show their works after pass the selection process.
The structure and the small tree forest are in a symbiotic integration. Some trees are structure and some structures are like trees.
At the same time, the models, pannels, dancers, etc. stand, hold on, play, dance etc. on, with, around them.



Organised by Mr Pink gallery, is proposed a new performance for its instalations.

The gallery has a main exhibition space and one large corridor.

The main idea:
The sunny street of Valencia has a strange door, at the end, we observe a huge point of light, to arrive there, a long narrow and dark corridor is waiting. Ahhhhh the white space finally, I'm totally relaxed.

1st.- the main space totally painted on white.
2nd.- the corridor, methacrylate on the floor over black linoleum, the mirror efect.
3rd .- the corridor, perforated steel plates, decreasing the hole's size, seems larger.
4th.- the bench, the point of view of the spectator.