Concrete blocks for an uncertain pool

Mass concrete is a cheap material to build any fantastic illusion.
Bea Conchado Peiró is the perfect mate to think about and develope it.
A multifunction square with three circles:
hot and cold water taps
doorlock's holder
and a wonderful funny colours' game!

Love, passion and joyfull spirit for such a concrete thing!


Persembe Pazari restoration

In Istanbul, the 2010 european capital of culture.
The Golden Horn is the breach between the two main historical environments in the european side.
Its contamination don't make decrease the activity of fishermen or the scrap merchants in the Persembe Pazari's coast. But the second ones are not attractive for tourists, neither for politicians or businessmen.

We propose the most realistic solution for our utopic ideas.
Let these workers stay nearby the zone, but let's establish seashore-ortogonal buildings for business, companies and hotels.
This urban plan lets the most people enjoy the coast, for its views and accessibility.
The aspect? Simple shapes with the smiling colours of the existing constructions.


1st year of urbanism 2006

Sara, Raul, Ana and me, collaborated together in their first contact with urban planning.

Utopic ideas... the innocence of young powerful souls:

-Some benches in a yearly floods' ravine, mean a new leisure space.
-A road full of traffic jams, hide too many secrets to seek.
-Wire can be a model tree.
-¿Could the market just be the junction of food and "smiling people?

I wanted to get married

4 pm, 21st of May, Budapest

¡Ven! ¡Vestidos de novia por 8 euros!


Having fun in Budapest

light on way's workshop, proposed an investigation on the light paths of the VIII district in Budapest.

We decided to focus on pub's path, an enjoyable tour for alternative visitors.

Each one has different kind of daylighting and artifficial lighting.

We marked the entrance of each one with its characteristics and sticked with shiny surface the way.


Six townhouses in a field bordering the orange's orchads

Pepe, Ana and Sara dreamed with very different houses. Their expectation in future life go in opposite ways.

Solution: the same house, but flexible, being able to create from one to four rooms.

Interesting data: to create bigger glass facade to the garden, the plants do not quadrate in the same field. They spin on each other.